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Unplanned pregnancy? Talking to a counsellor can help

One Family

8 Coke Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 7.


01 6629212 Helpline Lo Call 1890 66 22 12

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm

Services Offered

    • Free Crisis Pregnancy Counselling
    • Information on parenting and support after the birth
    • Information on adoption and referral to other specialist organisations
    • If requested, contact details of abortion clinics will be given as part of a face-to-face crisis pregnancy counselling session in which all choices are discussed – parenting, adoption and abortion.
    • Counselling services are available for partners/family members/fathers whether separated, sharing parenting, or in a relationship with the mother
    • Young people in care: If you are pregnant or a mother in care, or in independent living, the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Service at One Family is here to help with practical support and information.
    • Counselling, support, and medical referral (If requested within a counselling session) following an abortion.


Additional information

One Family offers:

Counselling support through all options in crisis pregnancy.
Supports to all members of one parent families, including support to share parenting

Askonefamily: A national information and support helpline for those parenting alone, sharing parenting or separating; for their family and friends and for professionals working with one-parent families. The helpline offers information on diverse issues including social welfare, parenting, housing and family law.

One Family services include parenting courses, such as Positive Parenting for Changing Families, Family Communications (for parents of teenagers) and Parenting After Separation (for those sharing parenting after the end of their relationship), plus an on-line parenting course; Parent Mentoring; Mediation; Back to Work and Education support and information; a Summer Social Group for parents and children; Play Therapy for children and an in-house childcare service for the children of clients who are attending One Family services.


Sherie deBurgh of One Family

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