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Unplanned pregnancy? Talking to a counsellor can help


The HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme has developed a number of resources to promote the availability of free, State-funded crisis pregnancy counselling.

The Positive Options information leaflet contains contact and location details of crisis pregnancy counselling services funded by the Crisis Pregnancy Programme. To download the POSITIVE_OPTION_BOOKLET

Positive Options posters are designed to raise awareness of the availability of free, trustworthy crisis pregnancy services in environments such as GP surgeries, information centres, and counselling centres. To download POSITIVE_OPTION_WALLET_CARD

Download the Positive Options Posters

Crisis Pregnancy Services for Men

Men affected by crisis pregnancy can also receive free counselling support, while free post-abortion support is also available for men. A poster, highlighting the availability of free crisis pregnancy counselling services for men has been developed.  To download a copy of the poster for men, click here.