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Keep Website Visit Confidential

If you would like to keep your visit to this site confidential, you can remove this website visit from the browser history on your computer. This means that no other user will be able to tell that you were looking at this website.

How to remove this website from the history in your web browser:


  • Press CTRL + H on your keyboard to bring up your history. Then either click the Clear browsing data button to remove your complete history or choose specific items and click the Remove selected items button.


  • Press CTRL + Shift + DEL on your keyboard to open the ‘Clear All History’ window. Make sure the ‘Browsing and Download History’ is selected and then click the Clear Now button.

Internet Explorer

  • Press CTRL + Shift + DEL on your keyboard to open the ‘Clear Browsing History’ window. Make sure ‘History’ is selected and click the Delete button.


  • Click on the “gear” icon near the top-right of the browser window and select ‘Reset Safari’. Make sure ‘Clear history’ is checked and click the Reset button.