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Unplanned pregnancy? Talking to a counsellor can help


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Positive Options is a brand created to promote State-funded crisis pregnancy counselling services. Its stated aim is “To make women aware of the existence of a range of high-quality, State-funded, crisis pregnancy counselling services that can assist them in finding a resolution to a crisis pregnancy.”

Positive Options does not provide medical or counselling services directly. The services promoted through Positive Options, funded by the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme, offer crisis pregnancy counselling to women with a crisis pregnancy and their partners. 15 counselling service providers are promoted through Positive Options and provide services at over 50 centres nationwide.

The Positive Options campaign message is: ‘If your dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, talking to a counsellor can help’. The campaign aims to encourage women, their partners and families experiencing crisis pregnancy to talk to a State-funded counsellor for free, trustworthy and non-judgemental counselling.

For a list of State funded crisis pregnancy counselling services, members of the public can freetext LIST to 50444 or visit the counselling services’ pages on this site.

The HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme (formerly the Crisis Pregnancy Agency)

The Crisis Pregnancy Agency was established in October 2001 under the Health (Corporate Bodies) Act, 1961, and is governed by the Crisis Pregnancy Agency (Establishment) Order 2001 (S.I. No. 446 of 2001) as amended by the Crisis Pregnancy Agency (Establishment) Order 2001 (Amendment) Order 2007 (S.I. No. 175 of 2007).

The Crisis Pregnancy Programme does not provide services to the public; it has a planning and co-ordinating role and provides funding to other organisations to provide services, including counselling services and the provision of support and services to those experiencing crisis pregnancies.

The Crisis Pregnancy Programme works to address the issue of crisis pregnancy in Ireland through: 

  1. A reduction in the number of crisis pregnancies by the provision of education, advice and contraceptive services.
  2. A reduction in the number of women with crisis pregnancies who opt for abortion by offering services and supports which make other options more attractive.
  3. The provision of counselling services, medical services and such other health services for the purpose of providing support, after crisis pregnancy, as may be deemed appropriate by the Crisis Pregnancy Programme.

The Crisis Pregnancy Programme’s website www.crisispregnancy.ie has links to contraceptive advice and information, downloadable research reports and research summaries on issues relating to crisis pregnancy and a range of helpful resources for parents, health professionals and teachers.

Abortion Aftercare

A website www.abortionaftercare.ie directing women to post abortion counselling and post abortion medical check-ups was developed to increase awareness of the availability of these services that are free of charge to women. The Crisis Pregnancy Programme has also developed a leaflet directing women to these services.