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Unplanned pregnancy? Talking to a counsellor can help


Pregnancy Information

Pregnancy information, including a week-by-week guide on what to expect:


Rights and Entitlements during Pregnancy and for Parents

Maternity Leave

Citizen’s Information Centre – Maternity Leave information, including downloadable application forms


Information from Department of Social and Family Affairs

Maternity Benefit


Locall: 1890 690 690

One-parent Family Payment


Locall: 1890 500 000

Child Benefit


Locall: 1890 400 400

Family Income Support


Locall: 1890 92 77 70

General Parenting Information & Support

Information Pack for parents who are not married to eachother: http://treoir.ie/cms-assets/documents/54775-421109.information-pack-2012.pdf

Irish Childbirth Trust, website includes a Consumer Guide to Maternity Services in Ireland:


Pregnancy and parenting website, including forum on parenting issues: http://www.rollercoaster.ie

Parentline – Confidential helpline offering support, guidance and information for parents and guardians. Phone: 1890 927 277/ 01 8733 500/ 01 8787230

Pregnancy and parenting website, offering expert advice to pregnant women and new parents from healthcare professionls. Includes short fils and Apps on a variety of topics: www.whatsupmum.ie

City and County Childcare Committees offer services to parents, such as providing information on local childcare facilities and information on parent networks

Information and Support for Younger Parents

The Young Parent Survival Guide – Helpful guide for parents-to-be and new parents, including tips on sharing your news, maternity services, parenting tips, benefits and entitlements and continuing your education: http://www.treoir.ie/PDF-documents/Young%20Parents%20Survival%20Guide%20-%20Edition%201.pdf

Teen Parents Support Programme – Emotional and practical support and information for young parents: contact the National Co-ordinator on 01-670 0167

Single Parents

Information for parents who are not married to each other and to those involved with them: http://www.treoir.ie

Support for one parent family members: One Family (incorporating Gingerbread Ireland) http://www.onefamily.ie

Askonefamily – Helpline for advice on social welfare entitlements and issues, family law issues, housing, health, education, employment, childcare, parenting, counselling services and community supports plus listening support for anyone experiencing difficulties in their family life: Lo-Call 1890 66 22 12

Parenting arrangements

Shared Parenting: http://treoir.ie/target-shared-parenting.php

Treoir publication ‘Taking the Stand – A guide for Unmarried Parents on Resolving Disputes Regarding Care of their Children’: http://treoir.ie/target-publications.php#17


Overview of childcare options from the Citizens Information Centre: http://www.citizensinformation.ie/categories/education/pre-school-education-and-childcare/your-childcare-options

Overview of how to choose childcare from parenting site Rollercoaster.ie: http://www.rollercoaster.ie/Childcare.aspx

For information on finding affordable childcare in your area contact your local City /County Childcare Committee through your local Area Partnership Office or The National Childcare Investment Programme: http://www.pobal.ie / Tel: 01 8675244