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Unplanned pregnancy? Talking to a counsellor can help

Information Packs for Parents

Information Pack for parents who are not married to each other – Information on your legal rights, social welfare entitlements, medical care, parental leave, money matters and much more:http://treoir.ie/cms-assets/documents/54775-421109.information-pack-2012.pdf

 Information Pack for Parents who are not Married to Eachother 

The Young Parent Survival Guide – Helpful guide for parents-to-be and new parents, including tips on sharing your news, maternity services, parenting tips, benefits and entitlements and continuing your education: http://www.treoir.ie/PDF-documents/Young%20Parents%20Survival%20Guide%20-%20Edition%201.pdfThe Young Parents Survival Guide

Information for Young Parents in Education – Information for young people in education and training information during and after pregnancy – pregnancy and school-going young women, financial supports, schemes and grants to help young mothers back into education and information on childcare:http://treoir.ie/PDF-documents/y_p_edu.pdf

 Information for Young Parents in Education

Family Links: Steps and Stages – Positive pointers for lone parents who are helping their children to understand their family situation: http://treoir.ie/cms-assets/documents/Treoir%20Documents/14023-482884.family-links—steps-and-stages.pdf

Family Links: Steps and Stages

Taking the Stand – A guide for Unmarried Parents on Resolving Disputes Regarding Care of their Children:http://treoir.ie/cms-assets/documents/14049-717393.taking-the-stand.pdf

 Taking the Stand

Shared Parenting – Information on shared parenting for parents who are nor married to eachother: http://www.treoir.ie/target-shared-parenting.php