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Unplanned pregnancy? Talking to a counsellor can help


Abortion is illegal in Ireland except where there is a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother. This includes the risk of suicide.

Is it legal for a woman to travel outside Ireland to have an abortion?
Yes. A woman has the right to travel abroad for the purposes of obtaining an abortion.

Is it legal for a crisis pregnancy counsellor to discuss abortion with a woman?
Yes. It has always been permissible to discuss abortion with a pregnant woman. If requested, all of the services listed on this website will discuss abortion during a crisis pregnancy counselling session. What is regulated by law is the provision of information on abortion services outside Ireland.

Is it legal for a woman to be given contact information on abortion services outside Ireland?
Yes, such information may be given subject to certain conditions. Abortion information can only be provided directly to a pregnant woman, if requested by her as part of the counselling process.  Abortion information can be given by:

  • Crisis pregnancy counselling agencies.
  • Individual counsellors giving crisis pregnancy support.
  • GPs and other doctors.

If requested, all of the organisations listed on this website except Anew, will give contact details for abortion clinics in a pregnancy counselling session.

Before the counselling session begins the crisis pregnancy counsellor should tell you what they are able to provide or discuss during the session. If you feel the agency is not meeting your counselling or information needs you should make another appointment with an alternative crisis pregnancy counselling service.


Abortion Aftercare
www.abortionaftercare.ie РHSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme website giving information on post-abortion medical check-ups, your health following abortion, your emotions after abortion, contraceptive choices, and a list of services providing free post-abortion counselling.?